Get-Focused was formed by trainer/nutritionist and physique athlete James Kennedy in 2009. Get-Focused started out as a sports nutrition company working with the likes of top Rugby League Teams including London Irish and the Yamaha British motor cross team which included World renowned rider Zac Osbourne. As Get-Focused evolved we expanded to offer our fitness and nutrition services to the public and businesses not just top athletes. This has benefited hundreds of individuals who have transformed their bodies and improved performance, health and fitness.

Nine years on Get-Focused is one of the most successful fitness company's in the South. Offering high quality fitness services from Personal Training to Boot Camps.

We aspire to continue to grow so more and more people can benefit from our services.


Our studio caters to athletes and individuals who are serious about their training. Whether you’re looking to improve your strength, speed, power, agility, mobility, or sport-specific endurance – we'll get you there. 

Leave the excuses at the door, enter an environment that allows you to get the body you want.

Whether it's nutrition, supplements or training, our studio is set up for you to train in a focused space, where we work together to make sure you reach your goals.


We have a range of staff that are specifically trained to sculpt your body to be something you're proud of.
James Kennedy 
Owner / Head Trainer
Dan Hewes
Physical Trainer
Daniel Norris
Get Focused Nutritionist
Sam Parsons
Get Focused Pilates Instructor
Natalie Penniall
Get Focused Yoga Instructor
Stacia Baigent
Get Focused Sports Therapist & Acupuncture

Get Focused Sports Therapist
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Profile Coming Soon

Personal Trainer Bio's
Dan Hewes

My route in to fitness came after a re-occurring injury cut short my sports career. At the time I loved all sport and played football to a promising level. My fitness performance was at its peak and while training to enter the public services alongside the sports career, I was pushing my body to optimum levels to reach the top. I was training everyday whether it be football, running or military style prep. A massive blow came just before my 17th Birthday when upon visiting a physiotherapist I was told my knees where in no fit state to carry on performing at the level I wanted or needed to in order to be able to reach the top. That said, I have the empathy and compassion to know what it feels like to hit rock bottom and not feel that you have anything left.
I swiftly picked myself up from such disappointment and decided if I can not participate in sport and fitness to the level I wanted to, then I wanted to be able to help others. My career in the fitness industry has dated back over 7 years and my specialties come from my experience in the field. I have the knowledge to improve physical and mental strength to help sports athletes reach their peak, I have techniques that not only allow the cardiovascular system to improve but to reach levels that you thought where unattainable. I have entered situations that have allowed me to adapt a style of military fitness that makes remarkable body changes and give the motivation to train how you never thought you could. For years I ran fully blocked out hiit sessions that where regarded as nothing short of a body destroyer. These sessions had every client working to their full capacity.
If you decide to come and see me, be prepared to be pushed to your limit. Strive for progression not perfection
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