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Get-Focused have a proven track record providing a boost to employee wellness programmes to large employers in Hampshire eg NATS.  Our testimonials below are evidence of our success in providing Nutrition Seminars and Corporate Fitness initiatives in this key area of employee performance enhancement.

Get- Focused can tailor nutrition seminars to suit your requirements, attending at your office at lunch breaks or before or after work.  We can schedule a year long programme for your employees attending weekly and have the equipment to record and monitor body stats if required so employees can chart progress.

Get-Focused corporate fitness training packages are the perfect way to keep you and your workforce fit, healthy and motivated. By providing expert trainers and bespoke fitness training plans, designed around your group’s needs, the Get-Focused corporate fitness plans can be delivered for groups of 4 people right up to groups of 50. Sessions last up to 50min and can take place on site at a time to fit in with your employee’s schedule.

By having a fit and healthy workforce you can help your company reduce absenteeism levels, increase productivity, help with team bonding and create a positive environment for your staff. A bespoke corporate fitness programme can work wonders for the health of your business as well as the individual health of your co-workers and employees. We structure the groups to ensure everybody can take part no matter what their level of fitness is.

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“James the feedback has been amazing, Get-Focused have provided us with a professional service aiding the wellbeing of our employees over the past year, thank you”

“I would like to say how useful the lunch time seminars have been.  Thank you for organising these sessions everyone has enjoyed them”

“Our employees always come back motivated and enthused from the Get Focused Nutrition talks, congratulations on providing such a professional service”graph

"Since we've started working with Get Focused, employee sickness absence has dropped and productivity has increased. This has literally saved us £1000’s over the last few years with a happier healthy work force"
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