360 Wellness Package


We have a duty of care to all our clients to ensure that not only do we deliver outstanding results but we do it safely and effectively tracking progress every step of the way. 

Let me introduce you to the unique Get Focused 360 Wellness Package. 

This will be the first Fitness & Wellness Package you will have at Get Focused. We use cutting edge technology to assess Body Composition including accurate diagnosis of metabolic rate. This will establish a starting point to track progress and will enable our fitness professionals to tailor a nutrition and exercise regime with pinpoint accuracy. 

Included in the wellness package is the breakthrough technology of the Biophotonic scanner. Used by top athletes and a number of celebrities, the scanner will tell us the antioxidant levels in your body which we can help you target using diet and lifestyle strategies. The result will be a healthier, fitter and stronger body which will assist in counteracting the ageing process. 

The scanner is also a lie detector for supplement companies! 

For the first time we can actually see the effectiveness of certain nutritional supplements. Over a period of 6 - 10 weeks we’ll be able to see if the supplements you are taking actually do work. 

This is a complete 360 degree assessment of inside and outside of the body. 

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